Air Spade

Air Spade

An Air Spade uses pressurized air to work through even the toughest of soil without damaging tree roots, therefore making it more effective and safer than using conventional digging tools.

Many trees, young through to mature that look stressed and in a poor state of heath and vigour are often suffering from problems below the ground.

There are three main problems that can all be treated mechanically using an Air Spade.

Soil Compaction

As you walk or use heavy machinery near a tree the weight causes compaction which worsens over time. Compacted soil makes it difficult for the tree to take up water and nutrients therefore leading to stress.

There are several methods to de-compact the soil using the Air Spade depending on the situation. PH checks and feeding as required can also be incorporated.

Root collar below ground level

Both young and mature trees are often buried too far underground either because they have been planted too deep, or excess soil / mulch has built up over time covering the root caller.

The root collar is the heart of the tree where the trunk meets the major lateral roots. It is part of the main stem not the root system and therefore very important that it stays visible and above ground.

By using the Air spade, we will be able to remove excess soil, or reduce overall soil level beneath the tree as required.

Stem Girdling

Are lateral roots, mainly on the soil line that cut into at least one side of the main trunk. These roots restrict the uptake of water and nutrients.

The Air Spade can be used to fully expose the roots so that the problem can be addressed. The roots are carefully cut away as required.

Other uses for the Air Spade

Using where access is restricted – Because the machine is very simple and requires a hose it is very adaptable in confined spaces, and areas of poor access. For example, the hose can go through the house in order to gain access to a digging site.

Hidden Services- The safety of using air to excavate as opposed to conventional digging equipment and tools makes it an ideal tool for excavating near buried services. It can also be used to locate buried surfaces safely.

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